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New Website of the International Center for Contemporary Turkish Studies (ICCT )

By admin | aprile 19, 2013




Dear All,

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new website of the International Center for Contemporary Turkish Studies  (ICCT ) :  www.contemporaryturkishstudies.org

Based in Milan (Italy),  ICCT is an independent non-profit research center with the primary goal to promote and coordinate scholarly and policy oriented multidisciplinary research on contemporary Turkey. Turkey is an almost unique case study in international relations given its strategic and geopolitical position and its links with key areas such as the Mediterranean, the Middle East, the Wider Black Sea and the Caucasus. Both the impact of geopolitics on Turkey’s past and present international choices and the long and complex relation between Turkey and the European Union are central themes in the discussion and analysis promoted by the Center.

ICCT actively encourages multidisciplinary and wide-ranging approaches to thinking, researching and writing on the articulated and constantly transforming reality of contemporary Turkey’s foreign politics and relations with its historical and potential partners.

ICCT main goals are:

1) to promote frequent and challenging high level meetings, seminars, conferences and publications, thanks to the participation and active involvement of experts from the worlds of academia, journalism, politics and business;

2) to create international academic networks and joint projects involving think tanks and civil society organizations, in order to enhance and improve the dialogue between Turkey and its regional partners as well as between Turkey and the European Union.

The International Center for Contemporary Turkish Studies sees itself as a laboratory where the components of a rich interdisciplinary and innovative debate are assembled in order to produce new ideas, analytical methods and projects.


Carola Cerami


International Center for Contemporary Turkish Studies – ICCT

Via Leopardi, 9 – 20123 Milan (Italy)


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