PHP Third Annual Workshop - Florence - Italy - 8 October 2001



9,15 a.m. Opening

Prof. Ennio Di Nolfo, Machiavelli Center for Cold War Studies, Florence
Dr. Thomas S. Blanton, National Security Archive, Washington
Prof. Dr. Andreas Wenger, Center for Security Studies and Conflict Research, Zurich


Prof. Dr. Vojtech Mastny, Project Coordinator, Washington


Dr. Kjaetil Skogrand, Norwegian Institute for Defense Studies, Oslo
Dr. Petr Lunàk, NATO HQ, Inst. Of International Relations, Prague
Prof. Dr. Jordan Baev, Cold War Research Group, Sofia
Dr. Imre Okvath, Cold War History Research Center, Budapest
Bg. Gen. Mihail E. Ionescu, Inst. for Political Studies of Defense and Military History, Bucharest
Prof. Maurice Vaïsse, CHEVS, Sciences Po, Paris
Prof. Jussi Hanhimaki, Institut universitaire de hautes etudés internationales, Geneva
Prof. Saki Dockrill, King's College, London

15,00 p.m.


Dr. Bernd Schäfer, German Historical Institute, Washington
Dr. Marcin Zaremba, Institute for Political Studies, PAN, Warsaw
Amb. Krister Wahlback, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Stockholm
Dr. Trine M. Kjeldahl, Danish Institute of International Affairs, Copenaghen
Dr. Hans-Christian Bjerg, International Association of Military History and International Association of Archives
Prof. Victor Papacosma, Lemnitzer Center for NATO and EU Studies, Kent State Univ.
Dr. Ross Johnson, Radio Free Europe, Washington

Working Plan 2002

* Priorities in 2002
* PHP beyond 2002


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