Dr. Matteo Gerlini

Research Fellow of History of International Relations


Personal profile:

Biographical note: Degree in Political Sciences (2000), University of Florence, dissertation on "Us-Italy relations and the Achille Lauro hijacking"; Ph.D. in History of International Relations in the same university (2005), with a thesis on US-Israel relations; from friendship to alliance? (1953 -1963)", both supervised by Prof. Ennio Di Nolfo.

Positions held: lecturer

Awards and fellowships: Visiting Fellow at the European University Institute (EUI), Department of History and Civilization.

Language skills: French, English


Sansone e la Guerra fredda. L'opzione nucleare israeliana e il confronto bipolare in Medio Oriente [Samson and the Cold War. Israel's nuclear option and bipolar confrontation in the Middle East], Florence: Florence University Press 2010. ISBN 978-88-8453-504-7

Edited volumes:
(ed.) “International History of Science and Technology”. Humana.Mente, No. 16, 2011 ISSN 1972-1293
(ed.) Quarant'anni di non proliferazione. Un dibattito fra storici e scienziati. Rome: edizioni associate, 2011, ISBN: 9788826705347

Articles and essays:
“Waiting for Dimona: the United States and the Israeli Making Up of Nuclear Capability.” Cold War History, Vol. 10, Issue 2: 2010 ISSN 1468-2745 (I-first, October 2009, ISSN 1743-7962)
“La storiografia internazionale e gli armamenti nucleari di Israele [International Historiography and Israel's Nuclear Weapons]” Contemporanea. Rivista di Storia dell'800 e del '900, No. 1, 2011, ISSN 1127-3070
“Al centro del Mediterraneo o nell'occhio del ciclone? Iniziative di pace, rapporti transatlantici e terrorismo nell'Italia degli anni Ottanta” [At Mediterranean’s Core or in the Tornado’s Eye? Peace Initiatives, Transatlantic Relations and Terrorism in Italy's Eighties Foreign Policy], in F. Cresti, A. Melcangi, D. Melfa (ed.s), Spazio privato, spazio pubblico e società civile in Medio Oriente e Africa del Nord, Milan: Giuffré 2008 ISBN 8814141827
“Il caso Achille Lauro e le sue conseguenze [Achille Lauro’s Hijacking and His Consequences”, in E. Di Nolfo (ed.), La politica estera italiana negli anni Ottanta [The Italian Foreign Policy in the Eighties], Venice: Marsilio 2007 ISBN 978-88-317-9277
(Contributor) IAEA Nuclear Security Series No. 12: Technical Guidance, Educational Programme in Nuclear Security, Vienna 2010
“Technoscientific power and contemporary China”, in A. Peruzzi (ed.) Pianeta Galileo 2009, Florence 2010
Nuclear Proliferation: History and Current Problems, Max Planck Institute for History of Science Preprint series n. 364, Berlin 2009 (editor with A. Baracca, R. Braun, L. Nuti, A. Presas i Puig, J. Renn).
From Helsinki to Gorbachev, 1975-1985: The Globalization of Bipolar Confrontation, research note in C. Ostermann (ed.) "Cold War International History Project Bulletin", Vol. 16, 2007/2008, Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholar; (with D. Basosi and A. Romano).

Book Reviews:
Mauro Elli. Politica estera ed ingegneria nucleare. I rapporti del Regno Unito con l'Euratom (1957-1963). Journal Of European Integration History, vol. 30; ISSN 0947-9511
Avner Cohen, Israel bargaining with the bomb. Books and Ideas - La vie des idées, ISSN 1768-4390

Contributions to conferences, workshops and seminars:

“Public opinion strikes back: the Italian referendum on nuclear energy”- Paper presented in the Symposium “S42 Atomic Energy in the Public Sphere”, to be hold at 4 International Conference of European Society for the History of Science, Barcelona, 18-20 November 2010

Organiser of the panel 242 and 269 “The Middle East during the Global Cold War”, held at 3 World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies (WOCMES), Barcelona, 19-24 July 2010, “The Nuclear Issue in Middle Eastern Global Cold War” paper here presented.

2010 Chair of the Seminar of International History Researches' in Science and Technology, hosted by School of Political Sciences “Cesare Alfieri” of the Florence University. He is the convenor of the first session of the seminar on historical researches in aerospace cooperation.

“Italian Nuclear Programmes”- paper presented in session 6 “Transfer and reception of Nuclear technology in a Peripheral Europe” of Science and Technology in European Periphery (STEP) 2010 meeting, Galway 17-20 June 2010

“Compact Course in Nuclear Security”- Education project presented at the IAEA Workshop on Coordination and Promotion of Education Programme in Nuclear Security, Vienna 29-31 March 2010

“The Italian FBR program”- Paper presented at second meeting of seminar on “A Comparative Study of European energy Programs”, Barcelona, University Pompeu Fabra, 3-4 December 2009, Chair of the seminar: Albert Presas i Puig

“Technoscientific power and contemporary China”- Paper presented at the international conference “Galileo in China”, Florence, Gabinetto Viesseux, 17 November 2009

Organiser of the Panel: “Ricerche di storia internazionale del Medio Oriente” (Research in International History of the Middle East). Annual Conference of the Italian Society for Contemporary History (SISSCo), Trieste, University of Trieste, 23-25 September 2009 (with M. Trentin); “The Middle Eastern Nuclear Unequal Balance”: paper here presented

“Elements of Italian Nuclear History” - Paper presented at the seminar: “A Comparative Study of European energy Programs”, Barcelona, University Pompeu Fabra, 5-6 December 2008, Chair of the seminar: Albert Presas i Puig (with A. Baracca)

Chair of the Panel: "Middle Eastern matrix? The transfer of political violence in the Middle East". the Annual Conference of the Society for Middle East Studies (SeSaMO), Turin, University of Turin, 16-18 November 2008 (with M. Trentin).

Discussant at "Workshop on the Educational Programme in Nuclear Security", Vienna, IAEA, 26-28 March 2008.

Discussant at the 97th Dahlem Workshop: "The Globalization of Knowledge” - working group on "Modeling diffusion of knowledge", Berlin, Freie Universitat, 18-23 November 2007

Member of the Scientific Committee of the international conference "Nuclear Proliferation: Historical and Current Problems", Florence, University of Florence, 4-5 October 2007 (with A. Baracca, R. Braun, L. Nuti, A. Presas i Puig, J. Renn).

“The Achille Lauro Hijacking and US-Italy relations”. Paper presented on invitation at the international conference "Italian Foreign Policy in the Eighties", Rome, 17-18 January 2002.

Areas of Interest:

- Middle East & North Africa
- International Terrorism
- Atomic Energy Issues

Latest update: 14 March 2011