The administrative center of CIMA is the Florence Research Unit. In the past twenty-five years, its scholars have been an active part, and often promoters, of a number of multinational research projects. The most recent research project focuses on the following topic: "The Collapse of the Soviet Empire, 1985-91". The Unit is the administrative core of a Ph.D. program in the History of International Relations and of two Master Programs in "Euro-Mediterranean Affairs" and "Nuclear Fuel Cycle Management and Control for Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy and Non-Proliferation Policy", coordinated by Prof. Max Guderzo. The Unit promotes several EU programs, such as Socrates, Tempus and the Seventh FP, and many international exchange agreements, including doctoral and post-doctoral programs in collaboration with the MGIMO (Moscow), the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars (Washington, D.C.), the National Security Archive (Washington, D.C.), and the Universities of Bejing, Nanjing and Shanghai.



Teaching Staff

Scholars Ph.D. Candidates

Prof. Massimiliano Guderzo

Prof. Bruna Bagnato

Dr. Maria Grazia Enardu

Dr. Maria Stella Rognoni

Dr. Alberto Tonini

Dr. Duccio Basosi

Dr. Mauro Campus

Dr. Sandra Cavallucci

Dr. Massimiliano Cricco

Dr. Enrico Fardella

Dr. Fiorella Favino

Dr. Manfredi Filipazzi

Dr. Matteo Gerlini

Dr. Paolo Pieraccini

Dr. Antonio Renzi

Dr. Angela Romano

Dr. Sara Tavani

Dr. Barbara Zanchetta

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