After many years of close but informal cooperation, in the year 2000, a group of Italian Cold War historians decided to set up a formal arrangement in order to coordinate their research projects and link their efforts to the international programs studying the same historical period.

This led to the creation of an inter-university center which includes a number of Departments from the Universities of Florence, Padua, Pavia, Perugia, Roma Tre, and Urbino. The project rotates around the activities of the Dipartimento di Studi sullo Stato of the University of Florence, perhaps the most important Academic institution for international studies in Italy and certainly the core of a large network of international Academic contacts.

The Machiavelli Center (CIMA) was formally established in 2001, and the following pages should suffice to give you an idea of its future activities and of the current research interests of its members. The brief notes that follow do not include a complete description of all the Departments participating in the Center, but only of those professors and Ph.D. students who share an interest in the Center's future activities. Those interested to know more about its activities can write to:,

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