The Roma tre unit of CIMA is the Department of International Studies. The Department has developed a strong concentration on such issues as war, peace and security studies, with particular attention to
Transatlantic relations, history of American foreign policy, European integration, and Italian foreign and security policy. Current research projects carried out by the Department's CIMA representatives deal with the evolution of Transatlantic security in the last years of the Cold war, West- East German relations in the 1980s, the evolution of the international system after 1989, and the crisis of the Euromissiles.



Teaching Staff

Scholars Ph.D. Candidates

Prof. Leopoldo Nuti

Dr. Marilena Gala


Dr. Federica Caciagli

Dr. Laura Fasanaro

Dr. Hedi Giusto

Dott. Giordana Pulcini

Dr. Edoardo Sorvillo

Dott. Mattia Toaldo

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